I want a tattoo from you!!! -- THE GUIDE

October 30, 2022

I've already worked on many flashes for you to look at. Maybe there is something for you, and you want to reserve it. Or you want to support me because you are kind and sweet!!!
You can also get my photography prints (check my Instagram and website for photos) or my designs.

Looking for a custom flash? Contact me, and I will sketch stuff. Afterwards, you can choose to reserve it. Or send me pictures of your favorite things, memes, pets, humans, and places, and I will try to capture their essence!Work 

How can I reserve a flash?
Please donate around 30 - 50 euros if you can (or less if you cannot) and write me (via mail) with the flash you want to reserve. Every design will only be tattooed once. If one that you like is already taken, you can also let me know, and I can try to come up with something else :)
How much is a tattoo going to be in the end?
I will have to figure that out for sure. There are many expendable costs, so these need to be at least covered. Unfortunately, I can only say for sure once I also know :) But! If you have reserved a tattoo, I will subtract the price from your donation!
I LOVE one of the designs, but I don't want a tattoo!! Can I have something else instead?
Sure! Write me, reserve the design, and we can discuss what else you want. I could put it on a T-Shirt for you, or a print, a postcard... We will figure something out :>