#1 Remembering, relearning, refinding, refining

January 9, 2021

I remember. I remember values that I've had that I've forgotten. They say you never quite stop learning. But you also never quite stop forgetting. There's so many things that I've learnt but I cannot grasp firmly in my memory. Values, virtues. Self images and reflections.

I do have a diary. But I usually use it to document, not really for introspection. I document funny dreams, or life changing events. I will use this little space to share my thoughts and feelings. I like reading other peoples thoughts and feelings, so I reckon maybe someone wants to peek into mine.

I keep relearning lessons that I've learned already. Like the one that labels do not define me. For too long, I've defined a part of myself as a nerd, a techie, loving math, algebra, analytics, reason. Which I am! But I could draw, I was creative, but I would have never considered myself to be an artist. So I wasn't. I've just presented myself like whatever, not owning it. This is the reason why I've been rebooting my website. I've kind of built this from scratch. I want to keep it simple and honest, especially authentic.

So I'm building my homepage with an honest server-provider, using a super simple, free, open-source flat file CMS called Bludit, creating my own theme from scratch. That way I can keep working on it. Evolve it, as I evolve. I want to make an effort. Put my money where my mouth is.

So. I'm rambling.

Welcome to my first log!