Hi, my name is Finley..

..my pronouns are they/them and I'm an artist and game developer in Germany, Cologne. I work at the Indie Game Studio Monokel as a programmer. When I'm not working, I'm probably busy playing D&D, gamejamming, exploring photography, making music or working on a video game project. I've started the Global Game Jam (GGJ) site in Trier, now help GGJ as one of the regional organizers for German speaking countries, I'm a passionate game master in various pen and paper systems and obviously play lots of different kinds of games!

Game developement, community building, learning from and helping others

The foggy blueish morning "skyline" of Heilbronn, with the power plant prominently in the center.

1992 I was born in Heilbronn (Germany). After I finished school in Heilbronn I lived a year at my dad's place in Los Angeles, working at "German Cold Cuts" as an employee, while playing lots of ultimate frisbee and making friends in this crazy city.

(Kind of) by coincidence I was starting my computer science Bachelor called "Digital Games and Media" in Trier, combining my passions: Math, art and video games. I finished my degree (with an award) in 2016, following through with the masters program to deepen my knowledge, and of course: have some more time to work on projects. By 2019 I aquired the M. Sc. in computer science (game technologies).

I'm naturally looking to contribute to or build communities: I got elected as student council back in school, I volunteered 10 years at Heilbronns kids camp Gaffenberg (3 years in the management team), started the Global Game Jam in Trier, volunteered at SCHLAU to educate about diversity and identities in schools. And I was part of the computer sciency faculty council as the representative of equality matters (German: Gleichstellungsbeauftragte). I am currently working full-time as a Unity developer in Cologne, my chosen home!

Black and white picture of the German city Trier from above. Through the canopy of a tree the view is onto the Mosel, the river. You can see two bridges and the city fading in grey.


  • Game programming (C#, C++, Java, GDScript)
  • Experience in working with AR and VR tech
  • Native Android Development (Android, Kotlin)
  • Web technologies (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL)
  • Project and Event Management
  • Version Control Management (Git)
  • Game and Level Design
  • Teaching


  • Unity3D, Godot
  • Android Studio
  • Photoshop, PyxelEdit
  • FMOD, Audacity, Reaper
  • MeshLab
  • LaTeX


  • Guitar, Ukulele
  • Piano