Nature: a curated photo series of grasses, flowers, trees and alike

February 7, 2021

Photographing nature is one of my favorite things. There's so much to discover. Patterns, colors, creatures, lights. It's cathartic. Therapeutic. Simple. The act of seeing and then remembering. Very often my photos reflect the nature so much different than my eyes have perceived it and my brain has remembered it.

This is just a small collection of my favorite nature shots and spots.

Color films I use are Kodak Color + 200, Kodak Portra 160 to 400, Fujicolor 200 and Ektar 100.

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A snow covered pine tree.An alley full of yellow-leaved trees.Macro shot of a kale-like leafy abstract patterned plant which colors range from purple to green.A flowery grassy macro shot.Macro shot from a grassy field and a little purplish flower in focus.A translucent-winged butterfly on a big leaf.Lavender-like planks cover the photo in sunset colored warmth.A photo towards the sunset through a thick forest.A double exposure of two snow covered mountain ranges.A closeup of pink and white flowers within green leaves.A doe hiding in tealy high grass and trees.A loose but dark forest with muted colors, dark almost purplish green and red stone in the background.Small white-lavender blooming flower in the foreground and blurry red-stoney background.An elderly couple sitting by a stream. In the middle of the picture you can see lushy green trees and a red stonewall.A photograph of through tree tops that are intensly coloured in greens and yellows.A big yellow flower surrounded by different muted green colored grasses.The photo is shot through thorny smallish green leaves. Light shines through those leaves.