Beginnings: Black and white impressions from my time in Trier

January 10, 2021

These are taken roughly from 2016-2018 from my study times in Trier. Something about the medium struck me and I kept shooting ever since. All shot with my trusted Ricoh KR-5 Super II on various films (CHM 400, HP5, RPX 100-400, Ilford..), developed some by myself, some in different labs.
All images are black and white.

View through the treetops, branches and leaves.
Natural noise

White lit gutter forming horizontal stripes on a dark background. Fern is under the gutter on the right, other plants on the left.

Grey cat sitting on the striped blanket, with a human under it (though in the background).

White statue with a black grid basket hanging on it.

Little bird sits on a branch of a fir tree. Leaves both in the background and the foreground.

Two fanning plants with stripey leaves backlist from a grey foggy sky.
Stripes pt. 2

Sky. Condensation trail piercing into clouds.

Brick wall corner with rooftop.

Looking out of a cave, at the entrance a person with a cappy and glasses is taking a picture.

Falling leaves, motion blurred against a background of a house, a street and trees.
Falling leaves

A halted construction site, the arm of a power shovel (that says "Volvo") in the front, a whole at the bottom, in the background a city's crossroad, a street goes into the background.
Construction sight

Three leaves through and behind a bast fence.
Stripes pt. 3

A statue of a person with flowing hair sits, gracefully looking over from right to left. The background depicts a texture of greyish clouds.

A metal statue. One figure has climbed ontop of the head of the other. The upper figure has a huge round hat. A building is in the background.

Black and white picture of the German city Trier from above. Through the canopy of a tree the view is onto the Mosel, the river. You can see two bridges and the city fading in grey.

Two dozens of pidgeons have turned their back on the pidgeon in the front, in the park.

Depiction of a forest. The bright wheat in the foreground is complemented with the dark forest in the back.