#4 Checking in for 2022 / new years resolutions

January 20, 2022

All my logs so far have stemmed from a place of sharing a journey. Well let me tell you the kind of journey that I've been venturing on since the last update. I came from a place of discomfort, confusion, and the longing of belonging to a place of... well frankly said, me.

Hi, my name is Finley, my pronouns are they/them and last year I've come out as trans.

Credits belong to my special person that has taken the photo of me, Charly.

I've just published a self portrait series, please have a look: Searching: the power of photography to finding oneself

New Years Resolutions

I know for a lot of people new years resolutions are a sweet thing to think about but then also to discard soon enough because they seem to never work out. Last year I've found power in it. I've set myself out to be able to do one push-up and one pull-up and ended up working out almost every day.

Now I am more ambitious. Maybe I'm setting up myself for failure. But it's a risk I'm willing to take! So here's my new years resolutions for 2022:

  1. Sell one piece of art, preferably through my photography OR be part or facilitate an exhibition
  2. Fight someone
  3. Make a Knödelstand

Just checking, does anybody read this or am I just screaming into the void (which is also totally fine by me)? I'd LOVE to know, would you just send me a quick message?